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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Life in Chennai #6: A Brief Tale...

Blogger wouldn't let me put the whole title in to its format, so here it is in full:

Life in Chennai #6: The Tragic Yet Uplifting Tale of the Gerbera Daisies and The Fabulous Plan That Did Not Have Its Intended Results But Was Better Than The Previous Two And At Its Conclusion Proved That Good Stories Are Made of Life’s Experiences

Since I usually write so prolifically, I thought I’d try something different and pare my recent experience with romance down to the basic elements of the male mind…

I am nervous.

Flowers are coming.

Flowers are coming to my work.

They are not for me.

They are for girl sitting across from me.

I like girl.

I am nervous about getting flowers secret-like so I can give flowers to girl across from me.

Flowers come. I get them secret-like. I am happy I get them secret-like.

Plan good.

Flowers are pretty. Girl is pretty.

I give them to girl at lunch.

She likes flowers, but does not want date.

I am sad.

But I am happy I try.

Flowers and girl are still pretty.

The End.

Ha! I kill myself sometimes. I had fun writing that one. Thought you’d enjoy too... ;-)

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