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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Where the $!&?# am I?

Please hold and an operator will be with you shortly... You have been placed in priority sequence and this blog will be updated sooner if you stay on the line rather than hanging up and dialing again...

So yeah, blogging kind of fell off just a wee bit. Can't believe it has been 10 months since I posted. Can’t believe my last post was on Pirates! My God! What have I been doing?

My apologies for anyone still reading this. I do mean to get back to it.

What happened? Why the breakdown in writing? Can’t say really. It just happened. A ton has been going on with work, life, love and everything. I’ve been travelling. I’ve been back to Canada for Christmas and and a new visa. I’ve had drama and have settled into a good space. I’ve quit my job because it was going nowhere and my boss was crazy. I found another one, one I really love. I've said goodbye to friends and met new ones. I’ve had many, many winding, squirrelly lines of thought. And I’ve been writing a novel’s worth. Just not online. Somehow the posts and pieces just never seem to get completed, perhaps symptom of my scattered thoughts and others don’t make sense to post out of order, showing a life in flux. And my slowed as I spend more time on photography and an increasingly crazy schedule at work. But that doesn’t really explain it. So no reason; time just went by and then more and more of it.

But the very quick update so you know what I'm doing: I'm still in Chennai, with a different NGO. After getting a new visa home in Canada after Christmas, I 've been working now for 6 months. Crazy how time has gone by. I'm here open-ended and have moved back more settled than year. It feels good to not be so much in flux for a while, to have a better sense of what I'll be doing 6 months from now. I've got a flat and can walk to work which has really increased my quality of life. I sometimes miss the fun of the commute by auto, but then I remember 45 minutes in polluted traffic and daily negotiations getting home and don't miss it quite so much. I've a good group of friends.

So I'm over here for a while and have lots more stories to tell. I promise to get back to writing soon. Since I'm in India, let's say, "2 minutes!"

Cheers & I love ya!

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