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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Travelling #1: Music woes on the sleeper bus

I’ve wrecked the LCD on my ipod. It actually had already been partially damaged from some unknown event in Vancouver, but now it is totally toast. I’ve woken up to find that I’ve rolled onto it while tossing about in my tiny bunk on the overnight sleeper bus from Bangalore to Goa.

Highlighting my playlist these days is some good mainstream 2006 releases: The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ excellent latest Stadium Arcadium, Billy Talent’s II and Nelly Furtado’s Loose; some good indie and electronica: Nouvelle Vague, Tosca and Bloc Party; to remind me of home, I’ve thrown in some classic Canadiana, Barenaked Ladies and The Tragically Hip greatest hits. I’ve got some Britney Spears (thanks Caley) to remind me not to be too serious, but have balanced that out with the Gorillaz and the excellent recent K-os album.

It looks like without a screen I’m stuck playing it on random from now on. At least it works and I still have tunes to dull the nightingale lullaby of grinding gears and groaning engine. The brakes squeal too, which is good from a noise point of view, but of course the lack of braking around corners and the resulting g-forces is what is mostly responsible for the crushing of my tiny sanity checker. But I’m in easy-going, adaptable travel mode now so I shrug it off.

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Erica said...

Well I hope you're happy. You've officially driven me mad with jealousy -- all those exotic and delectable sounding meals, rickshaws and crap driving, endless busrides and now GOA? You bastard. :) Seriously, bravo to you for choosing this adventure. I'm proud and envious and now a loyal blog reader. Happy New Year kiddo!