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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Musings #4: The Black Hole of TV

So I’m watching some TV. Actually I’ve been watching a fair bit of TV in the evenings lately, a symptom of being a bit tired this week. I’ve been watching movies, which is fine enough, but I know I’m really lethargic when I’ll watch whatever is on regardless of whether it is any good. For example, I watched "Resident Evil 2: Apocalypse" the other day, which beyond an attractive Mila, is a really, really poor movie. But despite that, I sat through 2/3 of it before (thankfully) getting a phone call and having to switch it off. There is a good scene of the Toronto City Hall getting nuked though, which was kinda cool. Gotta love those obvious-its-Hollywood-North shots.

But things hit a new low this weekend when "Cody Banks, Secret Agent" came on today...until a scene comes on where they go to the secret enemy base in the "Cascades". Except of course it was filmed in Vancouver (the CIA lab is SFU campus) and so was actually Vancouver's backyard, not Seattle's as they pretended. And in that scene suddenly it made the hour wasted worthwhile, because it was peaks I had been on, valleys I had skied and visas I hadn't needed a helicopter to visit. The shots of the cracked bomber granite and sweet kickers gave me a touch of what I’m missing being here. Seriously boys, you should all watch the flick (you can fast forward) for the 2 minute scene flying and then snowboarding through (I think) the Tantalus Range, Mount Seymour and Garibaldi Park. Most of the shots were too short for me to catch, but on pause, I’m sure you could locate most. The secret base was obviously inside Table Mountain in Garibaldi though (hell of a spot for a secret base actually. We’re going to have to keep that in mind if we ever decide to go into the super villain biz). It is one of the best flyovers I’ve seen of recent Hollywood Cinema of Vancouver’s near wilderness (Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “6th Day” is probably second). It was a little touch of home and a reminder just how strongly an attachment I have to the rugged beauty of the rock and ice of our home turf. Oh well, can’t blame me for finding the little joy amongst the crap. If you have other examples of good movies that obviously portray BC’s Coastals post a comment.

Oh shit, "Are We There Yet" is on next oh and damn "Home Alone 2" is on the other channel. Now that is simply going too far! batteries...TV about to eat my brain...why won’t it go...OFFFF! Whew! Alright, time to go out. Terrible way to kill time, but oh well... ;-)

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