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Friday, January 12, 2007

Photoblog #1

Sorry it has been a while since I updated this site, but I’ve been a bit tired this week.

Here are some of my photos that I really like or think give you a real window into life here:

India - Colours of India - 001 - Store displayI really liked this shot for the vibrant colours. Stores are open decorated with flowers, stars, lights (and kitsch) to draw attention, to obtain good luck and therefore I assume, customers.

India - Colours of India - 004 - Suit shopBangalore, being a centre for the new high tech Western-connected centre of India, is also a great place to get a suit made. This shop, one Mack had been going to for years, had hundreds of fabrics, colours and styles to choose from. I thought of getting a hip tweed jacket, but despite the good value, I’m on a tight budget these days.

India - Faces of India - 002It is never hard to get kids to pose for pictures. Checking out this tower in my local neighbourhood, these boys really wanted me to take their photo before running back down the long winding ramp, shoving, tripping and tugging each other on the race down. Boys being boys!

India - Faces of India - 003On my first village visit, I got the chance to wander a bit through one of the hamlets. I was taking some photos of the area to record what the village looked like. This woman, shucking and drying ground nuts, asked for her picture taken too. It turned into a beautiful shot.

India - Faces of India - 005On my trip to old Goa, I must admit to enjoying watching these kids play then the dramatic space inside the Basilica. These young boys were oblivious to whatever their parents were up to or the gaggle of tourists and pilgrims wandering by. Made me smile.

India - Sights and Culture - 001 - crowd shoppingI was wondering if there was some special sale on for which all of Chennai decided to go shopped right here, right now, but no, this is pretty much normal. This street was away from the tourist glitz and high-end silk shops, catering instead to household goods, hardware, street clothes and everyday shoes. I bought an ice cream, found a spot out of the line of movement and watched the world go by for a few minutes.

India - Sights and Culture - 003 - poverty juxtaposed in urban lifeThis is taken from a bridge a couple km from my house. Most rivers are lined up and down with communities of basic thatch huts stacked right up against the backs and sides of modern, well-to-do buildings. This one particularly struck me for the juxtaposition of poverty against the riches of the international bank sign they are using as a roof. I wonder if they grasp the irony that had they placed the plastic the other way round, the advertising would still be viable, marketing a bank the occupants almost surely have no access to.

India - Sights and Culture - 008 - Crowd watching cricketYou can always tell when there is a cricket game on because you’ll find clumps of people gathered in front of every shop with a TV. For major games, the crowd could be many times this and 10 people deep. Hockey would love this level of devotion.

India - Sights and Culture - 009 - Cow on the roadThis isn’t a great shot, but I wanted to show an example of a cow doing its own thing outside an otherwise normal building. Many are not tied up and have no obvious owners. I’ll post a better shot when I can get one.

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