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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Pictures are up on Flickr + a couple vids!

Alright, It’s taken some time to get all the stuff from Christmas up, but we’ve got stories, we’ve got photos, we’ve even got video. If you wanted it, you’ve got it.

For those who have been wanting visuals to go with my writing:

It has more pics than the few that I will pepper my blog with and will be similarly updated as I get them. So bookmark it too and check back to it once in a while. I’ll try to specifically send you that way though when I add large blocks of new stuff up.

Plus, Aditya stitched together these killer videos of our antics. They’ve got this song I think they used to see in grade school. They got to singing it on the train…then the beach…then the club. It more or less narrated the trip. So enjoy and laugh yourself silly. The second is a warning on taking sleeper trains lest people like this are about (and you can decide which side of the camera you want to take that comment as for).

Sleeper train:


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Anonymous said...

India! Very cool! I was talking to another friend in B.C. and thought I'd google you to see how you were doing. Seems that "Very well" would sum it up. :)

Shoot me an email when/if you get a free moment!

Your friend from Queen's

- Jason Silzer (